Database & Datawarehousing

  • Datastage

    IBM WebSphere Datastage and Quality Stage •          Introduction about Data Stage •          IBM Information Sever architecture •          Datastage within the IBM Information Sever architecture •          Difference between Server Jobs and Parallel Jobs •          Difference between Pipeline Parallelism and Partition Parallelism •          Partition techniques (Round Robin, Random, - Hash, Entire, Same, Modules, Range, DB2, Auto) •          [...]
  • Informatica Admin

    The following will be covered during the course : Informatica Powercenter Architecture Domains Nodes Services Security Administration console Domain Page Managing Domain Managing users and groups Managing Privileges and roles Create and configure repository service Manage repository Create and configure integration service Integration service architecture Integration service connectivity Processing Threads DTM processing code pages and [...]
  • Informatica Developer

    Informatica is a ETL tool which is widely used for extracting the source data and loading it into the target after applying the required transformation. The following will be covered during the course : - Introduction to Data Quality Management - Working with Informatica Developer 9                 GUI, Mappings, Mapplets, Transformations, Content Sets, Data Objects [...]
  • My SQL special


  • Teradata

    1) Introduction to TeradataWarehouse Basics Parallel Design and Architecture 2) Data Distribution in Teradata Primary Index and its Types Secondary Index and its Types Partition Primary Index and its Types No Primary Index 3) Teradata Space Perm Space, Spool Space and Temp Space 4) Teradata Data Protection Concept of Transient Journal FALLBACK Clusters Down AMP [...]