Data Science

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  • Best Hadoop Training

    Learning Hadoop framework is must if you’d like to enter into the Big Data jobs arena. The course will help you to understand this framework and you can get practical experience in the Big Data Hadoop. In order to be a Hadoop Developer, you need to learn concepts like Sqoop, Flume, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Yarn [...]
  • Big Data Analytics and Tech Training

    Nasscom has projected that the big data analytics sector in India is expected to touch $16 billion by 2025. Currently, around 90,000 people are engaged in various data analytics roles in India and the boom in the sector is to create more job opportunities in next five years. Explore the new possibilities and opportunities in [...]
  • Business Analytics

    Business analytics is concerned with helping business leaders in taking strategic decisions. Of late, data and information are considered as valuable commodities and raw material for business growth and expansion. Companies have been depending on the data mining to get maximum returns from the big data implementation and using this to take data-driven decision making. [...]
  • Data Analytics

    Companies have been dealing with huge data in order to take strategic decisions. There has been huge demand for data analysts those work with the companies in data analysis and take the business intelligence to its next level. In this course, Techlogik will help you to understand big data, filtering, understanding of application data, problem [...]
  • Data Science with R & python hot


    ” Over 1,50000 jobs available in Data science”                         Update yourself now to grab one of that opportunity!!!!!!!!! Trainer Profile: Trainer Profile: Masters from IISC bangalore , IIT Dhanbad, Author of a book on pyspark. Overall 11+ year IT working experience&4+ years of experience in […]

  • Learn R Language

    R has been emerging as a leading language in data science & statistics. Our course and training will help you be the master in basics of R language. It is one of the favorite tools of data science professionals, of late. No matter what your profession is, if you are in the data science industry, [...]
  • Python

    Python has been one of the leading open source programming languages and gaining traction since its inception in 2014. Most of the companies have been preferring the python programming language for their product developments. Google is one the big companies using the programming language. If you’d like to be a good programmer in Python, then you [...]
  • R + Python

    Python, an open source language, has been used for developing many applications. It has been never easy for data scientists to analyze the data, but the tools developed by the Python community make their job much easier. The exclusive tools of Python for data simplification and modification are in huge demand. There is a huge demand [...]